Aesthetic Medicine

The aging process is something that we can do in a smart way. Smart Aging by prevention.

We offer Facial, Body and Intimate, Male and Female Aesthetic procedures to slow and revert the aging process.

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Laser Treatments

The Most Advanced Laser Platform Institute of America, in the hands of a world expert Specialists.

High-Performance equipment, Robotic scanners and latest treatment available.

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Cosmetic Surgery

International renowned cosmetic surgeon.

Dr. Gaviria is a Senior Faculty and Laser Expert in Lipolysis, Fat transfer and more. From intimate surgery to minimal invasive in-office awake liposuction procedures, and more.

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About Dr. Gaviria

Jorge E. Gaviria P. graduated as a Surgeon Medical Doctor from the University of Los Andes in Venezuela (ULA) in 2001 and completed his specialization in Gynecology and Obstetrics at the Venezuelan Red Cross in 2009. In 2015 he graduated with a degree in Aesthetic Medicine from the University of Los Andes, and in 2016 received his PostGraduate degree in Laser Medicine from the Catalunya Polytechnic University in Barcelona, Spain.

He is Board Certified in Medical–Aesthetics and Gynecology Laser and Surgery Procedures by the American Board of Laser Surgery (ABLS).

Dr. Gaviria is Actually Coordinating the New Brand of Next Health, In Ashburn Virginia, The NEXT HEALTH AESTHETICS, Using his laser expertises with the Protocols in Korpo Laser Ashburn. He was the Head Chief of the Laser Platform at the Fotomedicine Institute of the Teknon Medical Center in Barcelona, Spain. In addition, he also serves as Academic Director of Korpo Laser Caracas (Venezuela) and Korpo Laser Miami (Florida USA) and He is the Founder and Professor of the “Laser in Gynecology” program University in Venezuela. He is also the Academic Director and Senior Expert Faculty of the Laser & Health Academy (LA&HA) in Venezuela and Spain.

Dr. Gaviria was the Founder and was the First Vice-president of the Spanish Society of Aesthetic Regenerative and Functional Gynecology (SEGERF), Dr. Gaviria is Fellow and Senior Faculty of the International Society of Cosmetogynecology (ISCG). He was a former member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery (AACS), the American Society for Laser Medicine and Surgery (ASLMS), the Spanish Society of Medical Surgical Laser (SELMQ), the Union International of Aesthetic Medicine (UIME), the Spanish Aesthetic Medicine Society (SEME), the International Society of Urogynecology (IUGA), as well as other professional societies.

Dr. Gaviria has been a Key Opinion Leader, researcher, and trainer for Fotona Lasers since 2010, and was one of the first in Latin America to utilize and develop and publish on non-ablative intravaginal laser technologies. He publishes his work and lectures internationally on a regular basis (has been on more than 37 countries). Dr. Gaviria Has won 12 International Awards on his Teaching Excellence, His Scientific Studies Presented in Congresses and Published, and for his Extraordinary Aesthetic Results on Cosmetogynecology Surgery and Non-Surgical Techniques.

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