Clitoral Hood Cosmetic Surgery

(In Office reduction or augmentation of Labia Majora)



The clitoral hood, also known as the prepuce is layer of loose skin which envelops and protects the clitoral shaft and the head, or glans, of the clitoris from constant and unwanted friction.

Sometimes redundant folds of loose skin unrelated to the body of the clitoris (shaft and glans) develop alongside the lateral borders of the clitoris. This lax tissue may occur on either or both sides of the midline, may fuse with the labia minora and may exceed the clitoral hood in size.

Clitoral hood reduction procedures focus on these lateral folds of loose tissue. The glans clitoridis,  the head of the clitoris, is not exposed by this type of surgery. Meticulous superficial dissection and precise incisions which avoid the course of the clitoral nerve supply protect the sensitive nerves which supply this region.

Clitoral hood reduction is usually performed in conjunction with labia minora reduction procedures (reduction labiaplasty, reduction labia minoraplasty, laser reduction labiaplasty). Since both structures are intimately fused, combined treatment of both structures yields better cosmetic flow than isolated treatment of either structure alone.

Procedure Time:

1-2 Hours



Recovery Time

24 -72 H

Down Time

3 – 4 Weeks

Final Results

2 Months



Session Recommended:

Clitoral Hood Reduction May be achieve in a single Session


The clitoris receives its nerve and blood supply from the pudendal nerves and vessels.These structures emerge from behind bony structures known as the ischial tuberosities –  in lay terms, they are called the “sit bones”.The pudendal nerves and vessels then course along the muscles beneath the labia majora (the bulbocavernosus muscles) and emerge from the deep tissues within the superfical layers of the clitoral shaft.

The skin of the clitoral hood (top arrow) is formed from the skin of the labia minora. This skin is also know as the prepuce.The clitoral hood covers the entire shaft and head (glans of the clitoris; bottom arrow).A cross-section view of the clitoris (inset) shows how the nerves (yellow) which provide sensation to the clitoris are not actually in the skin layer, but much deeper in the shaft of the clitoris itself.The structure of the clitoris is identical to that of the penis except for the absence of the urethra.

Is important to understand that the correction of the Clitoral Hood, can be achieve in more than one surgery. Over Correcting can limit function. 

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