Laser Urinary Continence Improvement

Incontilase ® (In Office non surgical approach for improvement of urinary , for stress , urgency or over acting bladder)


Laser Vaginal Tightening (LVR) is a non-surgical medical procedure, which uses the thermal effect of laser light to contract the collagen and reticular fibers of the submucosa or epithelium (vaginal mucosa), and thus create a decrease in vaginal diameter and length, producing a tensor effect. This effect is called Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation WITHOUT SURGERY.

The passage of time causes the skin to decrease the concentration of collagen and elastic, together with the decrease in hormonal levels of estrogen, the elasticity of the skin and mucous membranes is lost, producing a relaxation, which makes cosmetic treatments necessary to improve this condition. Childbirth is another factor that contributes to this loss of elasticity, as the baby passes through the vaginal canal, stretches, elongates and breaks many fibers that cause relaxation. The intercourse can also give a more relaxed vagina as a result of frequent use or have partners with large caliber members, doing this, so that the vaginal cavity increases its dimensions.

Thanks to the precision and effectiveness of the ERBIO: YAG laser (In my case I use the FOTONA® laser), this deterioration suffered by natural aging and the traumas generated by childbirth can be resolved, leaving a sequel both in appearance and functionality. of the tissues. With the use of the ERBIO: YAG laser, which provides a caloric-tensor effect on the tissue, the prolapse of the anterior face of the vagina can be reduced and the midline and paraurethral line reinforced, forcing the creation of type 2 collagen, which will give sustain and improve incontinence.

This tensor effect, acts successfully in cases of stress urinary incontinence, where the patient suffers from involuntary loss of urine when performing an activity that increases abdominal pressure, whether laughing, coughing, sneezing, exercising or during sexual intercourse . The objective of this laser procedure is to return the necessary tension to the urethra and vaginal support walls to eliminate involuntary loss of urine.

Procedure Time:

20 min



Recovery Time


Down Time

3 days Sexual Activities

Final Results

4 Months



Session Recommended:

1 Monthly Session , 3-4 Session is suggested for a full treatment.

It is a simple, completely outpatient procedure that does not cut tissue, does not cause discomfort during or after treatment and does not require disabling or recovery. In gynecological position, a special speculum is placed, into which the handpiece of the laser that will carry the light is introduced by means of a 90 degree gold refracting mirror, heating the anterior surface of the vagina, firing in each segment of the vaginal length, several passes and reinforcement in the urethral pathway are performed. Then they are made with the piece that fragments the laser beam, shots around the urethral meatus to support the latter and decrease urethral hypermotility. The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes and does not need any type of anesthesia.

There are many women who present this problem, and there are many more who dare to face it, and find a solution. The improvement of the external appearance and functionality of the vulva and vagina end up restoring their self-esteem, thus producing a satisfactory reunion with their partner.

Dr. Gaviria is the Pioneer on this procedures and the first Scientific publication was accepted and publish on 2012.

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