Laser Feminine Atrophy Improvement

Renovalase ® (In Office non hormonal approach for improvement of Genitourinary Syndrome of Menopause GSM. or Vulvo Vaginal Atrophy)


Laser Vaginal Tightening (LVR) is a non-hormonal medical procedure, which uses the thermal effect of laser light to produce vasodilatation of the vessel of the submucosa or epithelium (vaginal mucosa), and thus create a increase in vaginal vascularization and improvement of the lubrication, regenerating a thicker and healthy Epitelium.

Vaginal aging is due to its sensitivity to the decrease in estrogen (Menopause), with changes in the quantity and quality of vaginal secretions, decreased collagen holder, adipose tissue and water retention capacity.

The most common is the shortening and / or stenosis (decrease) of the vaginal canal, with a thinned mucosa, with less folds, humidity, turgidity and temperature. What usually causes the symptoms of dryness, and dyspareunia (Pain with sexual intercourse).

Menopausal women may suffer from:
  • Cardiovascular diseases (1%)
  • Severe Osteoporosis (0.5%)
  • Breast Cancer (0.3%)

But 100% will suffer from Urogenital Atrophy.

The most recommended treatment is local estrogens for 2 or 3 weeks. But what about patients who do not want hormones, or cannot use them for other existing diseases?

We offer a laser treatment, with the aim of creating new blood vessels, improving epithelial thickness, stimulating collagen and elastic synthesis. Through thermal conduction that increases cellular metabolic activity. We release cytokines (which are growth factors).

Procedure Time:

15 min



Recovery Time


Down Time

7 days Sexual Activities

Final Results

6 Months



Session Recommended:

1 Monthly Session , 4 Session is suggested for a full treatment.

It is a simple, completely outpatient procedure that does not cut tissue, does not cause discomfort during or after treatment and does not require disabling or recovery. In gynecological position, a special speculum is placed, into which the handpiece of the laser that will carry the light is introduced by means of a 360 degree gold refracting mirror, heating the anterior surface of the vagina, pulsating in each segment of the vaginal length, several passes are performed. Then they are made with the piece that fragments the laser beam, shots around the introitus and the vulva. The procedure lasts 15-20 minutes and does not need any type of anesthesia (Anesthetic Cream can be recommended in some cases).

There are many women who present this problem (45% of the Menopausal women suffer this condition), and there are many more who dare to face it (Only 1 out of 3 seek help), and find a solution. The improvement of the functionality of the vulva and vagina end up restoring their self-esteem, thus producing a satisfactory reunion with their partner.

Severe Atrophic Vaginal
Dr. Gaviria is the Pioneer on this procedures and the first Scientific publication was accepted and publish on 2012.

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