Benign Skin Lesions (Active and Scars)

Laser treatment for Removal of Skin Lesions. (Moles, Warts, Skin Tags, Keratosis)

What is a Benign Skin Lesion? 

You may have something scary in mind when you hear the phrase “benign lesions,” but these are only noncancerous lesions of the skin. 

The development of these lesions could be due to a number of factors including genetics and the environment. Some individuals are simply predisposed to have warts, seborrheic keratosis, or other minor spots of pigmentation, while others are not.

Procedure Time:

5 – 10 Min



Recovery Time

72 H

Down Time

3 – 5 Days

Final Results

4 – 6 Weeks



Sessions Recommended:

1 Single Session can be enough to remove completely

Advantages of Laser Treatment

  • Safe and Effective
  • Fast and Convenient
  • None to minimal Scaring

Safe way to remove non aesthetic Skin Lesions

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