ClearSteps is the laser treatment for Fungal Nails.

  • A revolutionary treatment for nail infection is finally here!
  • 95% of patients were clear of infection after 3 months of treatment.

What is Onychomycosis? (Fungal Nails)

Onychomycosis,   or nail infection,   is a persistent fungal   infection of the nail bed, matrix or plate. It is the most common nail disorder in adults, accounting for one third of all fungal skin infections and up to 50 percent of all nail diseases. Toenails are affected more often than fingernails. The infection can cause nails  to become yellow or discolored. Advanced infection causes thick, brittle nails that often separate from the nail bed. It can also cause discomfort when wearing shoes or walking. 

What are the causes of Onychomycosis?

The most common cause of onychomycosis is dermatophyte fungus  that invades the dead tissue of skin or nails. Other causes  include contact with certain moulds or species of yeasts. The overall prevalence of onychomycosis ranges from 2 to 14 percent of the population.

Where can you get Onychomycosis?

Onychomycosis  is caused by contact  with infective fungal agents  Since these agents are present  everywhere in our environment, everyone   potentially is at risk for infection.   Common sources for infection could include public  showers, swimming pools, nail spas and gyms. Nail trauma  and tight fitting shoes can also lead to infection.

What are the symptoms?

One or more of the following symptoms may indicate that you suffer from onychomycosis. Distorted, thickened or discolored nails,  yellow or white streaks on or under the nails, brittle, crumbly or ragged nails and nails that have separated from the underlying skin.

What are the treatment options?

Current   treatment   options include   topical drugs and   oral antifungal drugs. Topical drugs are applied directly to the nails daily  for a period of 6 to 12 months. This treatment is often ineffective because  the drug has difficulty passing through the nail to reach the site of the infection.  Oral drugs can be effective and are usually taken for a period of 6 to 12 months. However, there  are many side effects associated with these drugs and in some cases weekly blood tests are  required to monitor liver function.

Procedure Time:

5 Min



Recovery Time


Down Time


Final Results

Up to 12 Months



Sessions Recommended:

1 Session every Weeks (4 Session) For Treatment then At 1 – 3- 6 and 12 Months

What is ClearSteps™?

ClearSteps™  is a revolutionary  new procedure for treating  onychomycosis. It is a non-invasive laser procedure to treat the affected nail and skin. It is simple, quick, safe and effective.

How does ClearSteps™ work?

The treatment involves passing a laser beam over the infected nail and surrounding tissue, resulting in a photo-thermal heating effect that weakens and kills the fungi that cause the infection. A single treatment usually takes about 5 minutes to treat 10 nails.  You may feel a heating sensation during the treatment, however you can leave immediately after the procedure and resume your daily routine. You could also experience some slight discolouration of the nail after the treatment.

Improvement may be seen after a single ClearSteps™ session, however best results are typically achieved through a series of 4 treatments and 4 for maintenance during next 12 months. Successful treatment will result in the growth of a new, healthy nail, however it could take up to 1 year to see an entirely clear nail, depending on the rate of growth.

The Results are CLEAR!

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