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Ep.13. Jorge Gaviria: From Caracas with Lasers

Dr. Jorge Gaviria is a talented cosmetic gynecologist with special expertise in laser surgery.

He was one of the first in the world to study and publish on nonsurgical lasers in gynecology.

Dr. Gaviria pioneered cosmetic gynecology in Venezuela.

For the past 3 years he has headed the gynecologic division of the renowned Teknon multispecialty laser unit in Barcelona, Spain.

He is currently working on several projects in Virginia.

He sat down with Dr Pelosi III to discuss his work and the incredible tragedy of present-day Venezuela.

Ob/Gyns were on board with cosmetic gyn from the beginning.

Black market dollars [10:00]
at ridiculous rates are the only way to attend US meetings.

Support [14:00]
is a process of learn, teach, learn more, teach more.

The leadership [16:30]
is innovative and internationally trained.

They saw [17:30]
that we were helping women.

They wanted [19:00]
well-trained doctors and not a bunch of mini societies.

We saw [23:00]
cosmetic gynecology as more functional than cosmetic.

Even today [27:00]
some countries are seeing cosmetic gynecology for the first time.

Industry [34:00]
creates laser users, but not laser experts who understand the physics.

Barcelona [39:00]
offered me the opportunity to run a laser unit and play with 21 machines.

Three million [41:00]
have left Venezuela in the last 5 years.

The poor [42:30]
are literally walking to nearby countries, but they are uneducated and becoming unwelcome.

Nonablative lasers [44:00]
have been my research focus for the past 3 years.

In Virginia [48:30]
I will be working with CO2 and Erbium lasers, radiofrequency and the magnetic chair.

I plan [50:00]
to compare CO2 and Erbium head to head.

Every practice [53:00]
should have at least 1 energy based device.

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